As director of feminist strategic communications firm Protagonistic, I work with businesses, nonprofits, and artists whose work has the potential to transform the way we live, think, and engage with one another.

My approach to communications is grounded in authenticity, strategic acumen, and a deep understanding of contemporary feminism. I look for client-partners who are doing work that is innovative and values-led: in this work, I serve as your advocate, and to do my job right I need to be as excited by what you’re bringing into the world as you are.




- Brand identity, messaging and copy. Whether you’re launching a media campaign or creating a new website to showcase your work, I will help you articulate what’s exciting, important, and unique about what you do in ways that are clear, accurate, and compelling.

- PR and media. As a journalist, I hated receiving emails from PR people. As a PR rep, I strive to send emails journalists actually want to read. I will work with you to identify newsworthy story angles around your work, and get them in front of reporters and publications who will be most excited to write about them.

- Content and social media. Social media doesn’t have to mean awkward self promotion. I can help you tell your story through articles, newsletters, Instagram and more, identifying the social media channels that are most effective at reaching your audience and develop and execute a plan to share your work with them.

- Events. Want to position yourself or your company as a thought leader in your field? I can help you create a panel series, conference, dinner, or launch party that will connect with your customers and build your community of allies. I specialize in events that create space for deep interaction and authentic conversation.

- Outreach and partnerships. Whether you’re a CEO, a campaigner, or an artist, when it comes to making impact, we’re stronger together. I can help you identify potential allies and supporters for your work, and creative ways for you to work together.

- Special projects. Need help programming your next conference? Creating a new media project or a special content package? Need someone to project manage your new website? I love teaming up with awesome people to make their ideas a reality.


Client Testimonials


“Rachel is whip-smart and a natural connector of people and ideas. She is able to quickly understand and synthesize complex concepts, and communicate them in a way that is compelling to a popular or expert audience.”

- Suzanne Biegel, CEO, Catalyst At Large Consulting

“Rachel has an expert understanding of the feminist media landscape. Her editorial strategy work played a key role in shaping Liisbeth’s relaunch to better serve the needs of our audience of feminist entrepreneurs.”

- Petra Kassun-Mutch, Publisher, Liisbeth Media

“As press rep for NYC's first ever #HealMeToo Festival, Rachel opened doors to phenomenal feminist and theatrical coverage in all media. … It was great to work with someone who utterly supported our values as intersectional feminists and gave 110% to the cause.”

- Hope Singsen, Founder and Artistic Director, #HealMeToo Festival

“My favorite part about working with Rachel is that she didn't try to change me or spin my story. Instead, she polished the word vomit I shared into something cohesive and inspiring. She worked with me, just as I am, to hone my message and, in turn, empowered me to share it more widely and more often.”

- Kait Scalisi, MPH, certified sex educator and founder of